ÆGO™STREAM is the PMT high turbulence hydraulic headbox designed to produce all paper grades.

The well-proven concept of this headbox ensures even basis weight and fibre orientation profiles as well as good formation, contributing to reach all sheet strength targets.
The process flow enters the headbox through a distributor header with stock inlet on one end and recirculation connection on the other end. The stock flow from header passes through a specially designed tube bank into the nozzle section. This is where Polycarbonate or HDP material blades establish the final flow activity.

The ÆGO™STREAM S with pulse attenuator for Fourdrinier and hybrid former is provided with vertical and horizontal slice adjustment and slice lip regulation. The full stainless steel manufacturing is distinguished by proper finishing of all surfaces in contact with the stock.

ÆGO™STREAM SG is the high turbulence hydraulic headbox designed for Gap Former applications. Including all technical features of The ÆGO™STREAM S, it is additionally provided with a specially shaped converging area, having the purpose to reduce the jet length out of the nozzle, and with a tilting adjustment for proper jet regulation. It’s suitable for high-speed machines on various paper grades.

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