The primary benefits of a Film Size Press are uniform starch application, opportunities for reduction in sheet breaks, increased production and differential application.

The metering head is designed to apply uniform starch application by maintaining uniform pressure and thermal stability throughout the operating process. This design provides uniform starch application independent of machine speed and starch solids or viscosity. The Film Size Press offers the ability to apply starch at higher percent solids while maintaining starch pick-up penetration. This results in lower exiting sheet moisture and therefore higher tensile strengths providing opportunities for reduction in sheet breaks.

Higher starch solids application eliminates or reduces after size drying capacity limitations. Uniform starch application allows for higher entering base sheet moisture. As the base sheet moisture increases, uniform starch application is required to maintain saleable reel moisture. Both characteristics result in increased production. The AEGO Sizer offers the ability to apply a differential formulation side to side for quality enhancements or new market considerations. The machine design offers a tool for influencing base sheet edge control by means of differential film thickness applied to each side of the sheet.

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