The ÆGO™REEL provides efficient, high speed, continuous paper winding by starting a new paper log in turn-up position before the finished jumbo log is removed.

The reel is equipped with a spool synchronizer that starts spool rotation and prepares the empty spool for sheet turn-up. The turn-up operation is completed without slowing or stopping the paper machine. After the sheet turn-up to the empty spool is made, the completed jumbo roll is ejected and replaced by the new one.

The ÆGO™REEL is designed for ease of operation and control with many design features to improve mechanical and controls maintenance. When properly installed, operated and serviced, the ÆGO™REEL design offers long-lasting and reliable operation.


The ÆGO™REEL features the following PMT special controls:

  • Empty spool storage with automated spool indexing and loading to primary arms
  • Controlled primary arm nip relieving
  • Controlled spool transfer from primary arms to secondary carriages
  • Synchronized linear secondary carriages with precise, programmable nip loading
  • Precise nip load measurement
  • Center wind assist for optimum torque control
  • Jumbo roll hydraulic decelerator/stopper
  • Jumbo roll hydraulic brake
  • Fully automated system that can also operate in manual or maintenance mode
  • Complete diagnostics for ease of maintenance

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