ÆGO™FORM T, the PMT top unit of a Hybrid Former, is derived from a concept used for years in the paper industry to increase capacity in the forming section and to improve sheet formation and printability.

In a hybrid former, the jet impinges onto an open forming table of a fourdrinier. The initial dewatering occurs over the fourdrinier table before the slurry is trapped between the bottom (fourdrinier) wire and the wire of the top unit. This geometry is called a hybrid because it combines the open impingement zone of a fourdrinier with the two-sided dewatering of a twin-wire former.

ÆGO™FORM T assures early stock activity with a symmetrical and progressive drainage. This optimizes paper formation, while maintaining high symmetry of the paper. The result is greater dimensional stability of the end product.

The ÆGO™FORM T process begins with the sheet entering the unit between the fabrics and travelling over the lead-in shoe. After the lead-in shoe, the fabrics pass under the lead-in blade of the auto slice. At the opposite side of the auto slice vacuum zone the sheet travels over a smarblades unit, where pressure control is individually provided to counter blades, and continues over the blades of the two low vacuum compartments of the curved inverted vacuum box. The curved surface of the inverted vacuum box defines a wide radius path, which, combined with the wire tension, creates the drainage pressure for dewatering. At the exit of the curved inverted vacuum box, where the two forming fabrics separate, the sheet passes over a low vacuum transfer box completing its travel through the ÆGO™FORM T.

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