The installation of a conventional shoe press often requires interventions on the paper machine and its surroundings, such as overhead crane empowerment, civil structure reinforcement and refurbishment of the existing press framework, with higher installation costs and longer return on investment.
In order to overcome these constraints and to find the right linear load balance between enhanced dewatering and sheet properties, PMT developed and patented a shoe press with relatively smaller dimensions: the Smarnip.
Smarnip is the ideal dewatering tool for all paper grades. It provides maximum flexibility in terms of sheet properties offering the use of shoe press technology despite constraints of existing press sections.
The results are high energy saving, paper machine runnability and more possibilities in quality control.
Especially on Graphic and specialty paper, with the Smarnip unit it is possible to:

  1. Reduce Felt marking compared to STD Shoe press
  2. Bulk saving compared to STD Shoe press

Smarnip Press is designed with the following PMT special controls:

  • Cross Direction nip profile dedicated to the paper edge quality
  • Machine Direction nip profile for pressing optimization according to the desired paper quality.

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