PMT s.r.l. is one of the leading paper machine developer and producer in the world. The long history of the company with nearly 50 years as part of the Beloit Cooperation and European “arm” of Beloit illustrates, that PMT s.r.l. is not only a company with a long history, it’s a company with a deep knowledge and long experience in Paper Making and developing of paper machines.
After the restart of the company in 2017 with a new ownership, PMT was able to improve the efficiency and to start, based on long experience in the industry, to think “Out of the box”.

We offer a wide range of products from the Headbox up to the Pope Reel.

  • Production enhancement components
  • Rebuilds
  • Complete lines
  • Services

Our general goal is to support the paper makers in improving their productivity. We would like to be a partner in solving the challenges of today and tomorrow.


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