Customer orientation

Customer orientation means in our daily activities to search for the best possibility to support the customer in fulfilling his wishes and targets. Customer orientation is part of our business culture and our internal and external communication. Frequently we search for a feedback from our clients to see, if our products, our services and our development processes are in line with the customer expectations.


The productivity of a paper machine is the most decisive factor for a client to be successful. Our target is to achieve improvements in quality of the products produced, productivity enhancement of the production process, cost reductions by gaining improvements in the production cost per tonne or improvements of the availability of the equipment. All that can be summarized in the sentence “Our target is to make our clients more successful with their products and in their markets”.


We understand Sustainability, as a balance between environment, economy and social responsibility. Sustainable development needs solutions for the present challenges without compromising the future or future generations. The development of the paper industry in the last decades shows, that environmentally friendly changes and improvements are not contrary to cost reductions or productivity improvements. Reductions in Water consumption, energy savings, chemical usage, reduction in fresh fibre are examples for the sustainability targets we are focussing.

Future Orientation

For a developer and producer of machinery equipment with a life cycle of 30 or more years it’s decisive for a client to have a partner is able to anticipate future developments and to design the machines in a way, that the general design and layout of components allows an adoption to future developments in the paper quality or technical progress.


The Vision statement is the “dream” about the future.

We would like to be recognized by our clients, the paper manufacturers, as one of the most innovative paper machine manufacturers in the world. Innovation in small and in large is what we are working on. Innovation is the Nucleus of economic success, sustainability and future orientation and is the basis to improve the competitiveness of our customers.


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